Recommended Parking at Luton Airport

Amongst the great choices on offer for parking at Luton Airport, we recommend Luton Airparks, with its massive cost savings and car delivery option. Luton Airparks is a secured off-airport car park. It operates transfers to and from the Airport Terminal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also at Luton we have a choice of airport lounges and a wide array of hotels to suit all budgets. Check out the Stay, Park and Save Airport Hotel with Parking options for the 3 Luton on-airport car parks too. Use the Search button to find out more.

Luton Airparks

  • Convenient location only 4 miles from the airport
  • Save up to 25% against On Airport parking
  • FREE transfers operate all day, taking just 15 minutes to reach the terminal
  • Award winning security including CCTV, security fencing, floodlighting and regular site patrols
  • Airparks is always the cheapest parking option - guaranteed
  • UPGRADE: Finish your holiday hassle free. On return have your car delivered to you at the terminal
  • Transfers and car delivery operate 24 hours a day

Mid-Term (Green) Parking

  • On-Airport
  • Just five minutes from the terminal building
  • Transfers every ten minutes, 24 hours a day
  • Official airport car park
  • The parking compound has regular security patrols
  • Park and Save Hotel with Parking options

Long Term (Pink) Parking

  • Located within the airport
  • Transfers available twenty-four hours a day
  • The car park has high perimeter fencing and regular security patrols
  • Park and Save Hotel with Parking options

Short Term (Yellow) Parking

  • On-airport opposite the terminal
  • Within walking distance of the terminal
  • No transfers required
  • The car park is floodlit and surrounded by high perimeter fencing, with CCTV and regular security patrols
  • Park and Save Hotel with Parking options

Airport Parking Offers and Luton Airport

Airport Lounges: The first class Reed Aviation Lounge, as well as the Aviance Lounge enable you to relax and enjoy the luxurious, relaxing atmosphere for up to 3 hours prior to your flight. An airport lounge at Luton is the perfect way to begin your travel abroad. Comfortable seating, free drinks and snacks from the complimentary bar and blissful peace and quiet ; a real bonus especially at busiest holiday times. Book your Luton Airport Lounge here.

Airport Hotels: Amongst our airport hotel offerings, the Ibis airport hotel offers great value accommodation close to Luton airport. The Luton Ibis Hotel is a 2 star hotel in an ideal position near to Luton Airport - perfect if you are travelling on a tight budget.

You might also try the Menzies Strathmore in Luton, offering a nice atmosphere and great service, only a few miles from the airport. This four star hotel is a great base after along trip to reach the airport, or to meet early check-in deadlines.

Or perhaps, amongst other choices under the Search button, the Thistle Hotel Stevenage is a four star hotel located 12 miles from Luton Airport. In the village of Little Wymondley, the Thistle Stevenage Hotel offers guests a quiet night's break away.

How to Book Luton Airport Parking

Booking with Airport Parking Offers is easy, with 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Use the Quick Booking form. Enter dates and times to obtain available spaces and quotes for parking at the airport of your choice. Remember, you can select "Airport Parking" for parking-only options, or "Airport Hotel" if you prefer hotel-only OR hotel-with-parking options.

Click the Search button, and depending on actual availability for the dates you require, between 2 to 5 airport parking choices will appear - sometimes even more! - and the choices might include a Meet & Greet offer. Often, especially in low season, you will see extra special offers.

Step 2: Select the Airport Parking Offer that suits you best.

Step 3: You will then be able to enter your name, address and car details (these are always required for security on the car park itself, to ensure we know where your car is at all times).

Step 4: Pay for your airport parking booking by credit card using our secure site

- and you are all done!

Once the card transaction is confirmed, your booking reference will be shown onscreen and an immediate email is sent with all arrival procedures, directions, map (if available), payment receipt and your unique parking reference number.

It is so easy - and you can save £ £ £s

Airport Parking - The Different Types

When you enter your preferred dates on our Quick-Booking facility, and click the search button, you will be presented with all the available airport car parks in the Airport Parking Offers portfolio. Your will see that different types of parking are offered.

Remember we can provide you with everything from the cheapest airport parking for your chosen airport, to covered parking as well as the premium service of Meet and Greet parking. If you are away for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, we have the right car park for your budget. Here are the main types:

On-airport car parks - This refers to parking within the airport boundary. But do remember that some airports are very large, so it is important to note the transfer times and distance to the terminal which we show you for each of these. In money terms, it is normal to pay a little bit more, the closer you are to the terminal.

Off-airport parking - This refers to car parking outside of the airport boundary - but interestingly the transfer times for off-airport car parks can sometimes be less than those for the on-airport locations, due to strategic locations. Off-airport parking is generally cheaper, and there are many superb bargains to be found - handy for individuals or couples travelling fairly light who do not mind a few minutes on a friendly transfer coach.

Meet and Greet parking - Probably the most convenient parking option. Meet and Greet (also known sometimes as Valet Parking) means you simply drive to the airport terminal where you are met by a driver who takes your car from you and delivers it to one of our approved secure car parks. This means you are free to check in without thinking about transfer buses. On you return from your holiday or business trip, your car will be delivered back to you at the terminal. Meet and Greet parking is a brilliant option for large families with lots of luggage to carry. And for sports people such as golfers, surfers and skiers, the service can be a God-send for managing heavy sports gear. Please note that Meet and Greet Services do vary, so be sure to read the details.